QUOTES about Kelly Bear

from Professionals, from Children, from Parents

What Professionals Say (title art)

Teaching Kwlly VwE CARES “I had the pleasure of teaching Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S. Program for 9 years at Williamson Elementary School. Oh how the students and teachers LOVE Kelly Bear! We would sing, dance, do the Kelly bear sign, read all of the books. I can not tell you what a joy that program has brought to the kids of western NY and to me.”
-- Sarah (Wannamaker) Karpie, MS Ed, CPP


“The Kelly Bear Program is fabulous! My students love, trust, and imitate Kelly's wonderful example of caring behavior and healthy living.” -- Stephanie Hunter, first grade teacher


Children Role playing Not Smoking"The children were captivated by the Kelly Bear activities like the role playing."
-- Joy Porch, second grade teacher


"The students related to Kelly Bear as if he were a peer and through that relationship they developed a more caring attitude for others. They would ask every morning, 'Is Kelly Bear coming?' " -- Lisa Henderson, kindergarten teacher


"I have noted the children stopping and actually helping someone when they drop or spill something. I quite often hear comments such as 'What would Kelly Bear do?' " -- M.T.Catrett, special education teacher


"I have been teaching children for eleven years and my best tools are the Kelly Bear materials. The children love to hug the Kelly Bear puppet and sing with the Kelly Bear CD of songs. I use the materials to help the children learn social interaction skills, to accept individual differences, and to learn about choices and consequenes." -- Debra Shepard, preschool teacher

kindergarten teacher reads Kelly Bear book to class
"We use Kelly Bear DVDs to help our kids learn how to solve their conflicts without anger, how to tell good touches from bad ones, and how to interact with other children without fighting. Our kids absolutely love them!." -- Darlene Driver, preschool teacher

"Kelly Bear is multicultural... promoting positive social and moral attributes through exemplary situations." -- Dr. Kevin Swick, Early Childhood Education, University of South Carolina

"Recently I ordered the ‘Kelly Bear Teaches About Secret Touching’ and ‘Kelly Bear Teaches About Personal Safety’ DVDs. My students (K-4) loved them. Secret touching was discussed in a sensitive way that the children could understand."
-- Joyce Noto, elementary school counselor


"There are few things that are a 'sure hit' with students... but Kelly Bear products have never failed me!! The books are very easy to understand and a good jump start for great conversations about the topics. They are effective with large and small groups, and with individual children. Whenever I bring Kelly Bear (puppet) into the classroom for another lesson, they are excited from the moment I walk through the door." -- Vanessa Channell, school counselor


Teacher with Kelly Bear CARES program posters

"The Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S. Curriculum is easily adaptable for all K - 3 classrooms." -- Susan Boswell, school counselor