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Leah Davies received her Master's Degree from the Department of Counseling and Counseling Psychology, Auburn University. She has been dedicated to the well-being of children for over 44 years as a certified teacher, counselor, prevention specialist, parent, and grandparent. Her professional experience includes teaching, counseling, consulting, instructing at Auburn University, and directing educational and prevention services at a mental health agency.

Besides the Kelly Bear resources, Leah has written articles that have appeared in The American School Counseling Association Counselor, The School Counselor, Elementary School Guidance and Counseling Journal, Early Childhood News, and National Head Start Association Journal. She has presented workshops at the following national professional meetings: American School Counselor Association; Association for Childhood Education International; National Association for the Education of Young Children; National Child Care Association; National Head Start Association; National School-Age Child Care Alliance Conference.


If you use the Kelly Bear materials, or if you have any questions about the resources, Leah would like to hear from you. Are you a parent, grandparent, teacher, child care professional, elementary school counselor, after-school program director, Sunday school teacher, parenting class leader, or other adult who works with children? What is your reaction to the materials? In what settings do you use them?



Leah Davies' "Thoughts on Parenting"


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