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Kelly Bear Board Game Title art

Kelly Bear Board Game PhotoA Cooperative Journey Game for grades K-5.

The Kelly Bear game is a children's journey game with a goal that is reached through cooperation rather than competition. The players help Kelly Bear, themselves and each other by answering the questions and moving their play piece up through two rest areas to the top of the mountain before eight "Time Cards" are turned over. Children's character development, self-awareness, self-confidence and goal setting are enhanced as they and their peers respond to the questions. Through careful listening and observing, a parent, grandparent, counselor or other adult can gain valuable insight into the children's lives, as well as into the ways they interact with others.  ($59.95) #388347

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The game works best with 3 to 6 players, ages 5 - 10; however, children of other ages may also enjoy playing. The adult may choose to play along with the children.  

Game Components

  • An 18" x 18" game board of a mountain landscape with individual stepping stones from the bottom to the top.
  • Six, different-colored play pieces.
  • Over 100 playing cards. On one side of each card is Kelly Bear's face and on the back of each card is a question.
    • The questions focus on feelings (25), self-understanding (25) and character traits (50).
    • The cards are coded by subject and level of difficulty so that the card selection may be tailored to match the needs of the players.
    • Eight "Time Cards" are designed to generate ongoing excitement in the group.
  • Detailed directions that include a listing of the questions that appear on the cards.

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