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Secret Touching

“As a parent I appreciate this valuable topic being handled in such an informative and comforting way. It reinforces things we have talked about at home.” – Parent


“Don’t go into someone’s house if you don’t know them. If someone tries to touch your private body places, tell someone!” – Child

Each DVD of the 7-part Life Skills Education series can stand alone. This series is for children ages 3 to 9. A detailed User Guide is included.

To view the complimentary Kelly Bear Personal Safety Activity, click here.

Children learn the difference between "good touch," "bad touch," and "secret touch" in a sensitive, reassuring way. By observing children being assertive, they learn how to protect themselves. Two themes are emphasized: if a "secret touch" happens, the child needs to tell a trusted adult, and secret touching is not the child's fault. The original songs include "Looking in the Mirror," an upbeat, self-acceptance song, "Secret Touch," and "Don't Be Afraid."

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FIRST PLACE AWARD WINNER: National Council on Family Relations Media Award, Family Violence/Abuse category. HONORABLE MENTION: International Cindy Competition



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