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life skills education dVD Series:
Healthy Living Habits and Refusal Skills

“I think that this is a perfect age to introduce children to the idea of taking care of their bodies. It has gotten Kyle to think about his choices. He had a friend who tried to get him to smoke, but he came home and told me. He said that he had learned this from Kelly Bear.” – Parent


Each DVD of the 7-part Life Skills Education series can stand alone. This series is for children ages 3 to 9. A detailed User Guide is included.

Using the Kelly Bear Health book will enhance the lessons in this DVD. See more details, click here.
To view the complimentary Kelly Bear Health Activity, click here.

Children develop healthy living habits and learn about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. They see other children using refusal skills and are challenged to make positive choices. Songs include "No to Drugs" and "Everyone Feels Good and Bad."


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