Kelly Bear Anti-Bullying Activity
by Leah Davies


Name ____________________________________________________________

Circle “Yes” or “No” as you answer each of the following questions.
1. If you see a child left out, do you ask him or her to play? YES NO
2. If you see a child getting picked on, do you try to help him or her? YES NO
3. Do you stay away from children who say bad things about others? YES NO
4. When you feel sad or angry, do you think of helpful ways to feel better? YES NO
5. Do you try to help other children get along? YES NO
6. Do you feel angry most of the time? YES NO
7. When you feel angry do you hit or hurt others? YES NO
8. Do you tease or threaten other children? YES NO
9. Do you make up bad stories about other children? YES NO
10. Do other children think you are mean? YES NO

If you answered “Yes” to numbers 1 - 5 and “No” to numbers 6 - 10, you try to be a kind person who cares about others. If you answered the questions differently, you may want to talk to an adult about how you feel.

On the back of this paper, draw a picture or write down what you will try to do to make yourself, your home, school or community a more friendly and peaceful place.

Kelly Bear says,
"I care, and I want you to care about yourself and others."

(For further information see Kelly Bear DVD's - Violence Prevention Series found under "Materials" and the Kelly Bear Feelings book also found under “Materials.” Both the DVD and the book are included in the Kelly Bear Complete Collection. Go to

Used by permission of the author, Leah Davies, and copied from the Kelly Bear website [].

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