"Award Winning"

"Character Building"

"Bullying Prevention"

"Fun, unique, exciting materials that help children succeed in school and in LIFE!"

"Easy to use, helpful resources for all adults who care about the well-being of children"

Parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors and librarians report that the Kelly Bear resources teach children essential life skills such as self-control, problem solving, healthy living habits, and social competence. The materials serve to increase children’s self-awareness, empathy, and positive behaviors. They foster adult-child communication and bonding, and thus contribute to children becoming responsible, caring, and well-adjusted.

The Kelly Bear character represents no single culture or race, so all children readily identify with him. In each book and DVD Kelly Bear guides children toward understanding important life lessons by asking questions and listening to their comments. The interaction helps children develop the skills necessary for them to thrive. Using the resources fosters children's social, emotional, physical, as well as intellectual growth and development.

Teachers.Net Recommends The Kelly Beare C.A.R.E.S. Program
The Kelly Bear multi-media curriculum teaches vital social skills
and fosters children's emotional physical, and intellectual development.